WinZip Driver Updater Review 2020 [Safe & Worth Buying?]

You must be Winzip or Winrar for a long time but do you know that Winzip also has a driver updater software for Windows users? Well, yes Winzip driver updater is a tool that can automatically update all the outdated drivers of your systems. But is it worth buying WinZip driver tool? How much does it cost? What’s the review of Winzip Driver updater?

Well, in this article, we answer all these questions as we review the software and will also list down all the features and pricing details of Winzip driver updater.

Winzip Driver Updater Review

As our computer has several drivers installed, it becomes very difficult to update each of them manually. Moreover, updating a driver manually is a very hectic task. One has to locate the driver and update it, which is very time-consuming. It is a better option to get a tool called Winzip driver updater to get rid of all the laborious time taking process. 

Winzip driver updater is an awesome driver updating software for pc that scans your computer to search for all the drivers that need updating and update them to the latest version compatible with your system with a single click. This software makes the task of updating drivers very easy and convenient, apart from updating drivers WinZip software can be used to uninstall the older versions of the diver.

Winzip driver updater is a very underrated software, but that solemnly does not define the functionality of this software. There are numerous amazing features and advantages that make Winzip even more efficient. It is available for free as well as paid, but the free version lacks many features so I will recommend you to purchase the premium version of this tool if you want to enjoy all the features.


Winzip driver updater software is loaded with many astonishing features that make this software even more constructive, below I have mentioned some of the features of this software let us have a quick look.

Time-Saving – Winzip Driver Updater scans your computer for all driver updates available within a few seconds. This tool updates your drivers to the latest version with a single click.

User Interface – The interface of WinZip driver software is very friendly, it is very easy to use. A person with no past experience in such software can also use it.

Multi-Platform Support – Winzip Driver software supports all the Windows versions; you can use it on any version of windows either 7, 10, or other.

One-click Update – This software scans all the drivers installed on your computer and lets you update the drivers to the latest version just with the help of a single click.

Advantages of Winzip Driver Updater

The WinZip driver updater software is full of advantages that enhance the user experience, let us have a quick look at some of the advantages of this awesome tool.

  • Winzip driver can help you update all the drivers installed on your computer just with a click within a matter of seconds.
  • This tool helps you to delete all the older versions of the drivers, hence cleans useless files and enhances the speed of your computer.
  • The user interface of this software is very friendly, and anyone can use it easily.
Results Dashboard Winzip driver updater
  • Winzip automatically backups the old drivers before updating so that if anything goes wrong, one can switch back easily.
  • It is a very compact software, WinZip does not consume much space on your computer; hence does not make it slow and laggy.

How Much Does Winzip Driver Updater Costs?

Winzip driver updating software is available for free as well as a premium tool, the free version of this software lacks many features and functions. Moreover, in the free version, you cannot download the updates of the driver. If you want to use this tool, then I will recommend you to buy the premium version of this tool, where you will get access to all the features. 

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The premium version of this Winzip costs you approx $35 for a year, I suggest you buy the premium version to get the benefits of all the features of this awesome application.

Is Winzip driver updater a Virus? Spyware? Malware? Is it Safe?

Many people are worried whether this tool is actually legit or just a spammy software.

Let me assure you that Winzip Driver updater is totally safe and legit software that updates drivers. It is not a virus.

How Is Winzip Different from Its Competitors?

There are several driver updating software available in the market, but Winzip is totally different as compared to them. Most of the driver updating tools are not accurate and cannot help updating your drivers to the version compatible with your system architecture.

Moreover, most of the driver updating tools cost twice as much as WinZip, and the user interface is not that good. Winzip removes the old files which are not in need hence cleaning the disk, but the other driver updating software doesn’t have such features. There are several other features in Winzip that are missing in most of the driver updating software.

Final Words

Our computers have numerous drivers that help hardware and computers communicate with each other; these drivers form a bridge between many external devices and software. These drivers are required to be updated periodically to fix the bugs and loopholes. The process of updating drivers can be very hectic. Therefore, you can start using Winzip updater that can scan all the drivers installed on a computer and update them automatically. 

If you have any further questions before buying this product, you can ask me down in the comment section.

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